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Cylite is redefining the future of eye imaging. Led by an Australian team of medical, engineering and technology experts, its revolutionary Hyperparallel OCT™ overcomes current limitations of traditional OCTs to unlock bold new possibilities.


The Now. Single-beam technology. In 1991, Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) was first reported in industry literature. It’s evolved significantly since then; however, what hasn’t changed is: • Images are based on a single scanning beam of light. Issues with overcoming eye motion. Difficulty creating 3D volumes.
The Future. The next generation. Hyperparallel OCT™’s unique “snapshot” imaging technology has redefined whole-eye imaging and unlocked exciting possibilities. 1,008 simultaneous parallel beamlets. Over 300,000 scans per second. Anterior and posterior segment imaging in the one device. True 3D volume images.


The Now. Limitations in the anterior segment. Eye motion artefacts and registration issues limit the potential and applicability of traditional OCT, particularly in the anterior segment for such application as scleral contact lens fitting, whole eye biometry, and corneal topography.
The Future. Many possibilities. Hyperparallel OCT™ overcomes incumbent issues relating to existing OCT technology and the anterior segment, delivering true 3D volumetric images and unlocking many exciting possibilities in eyecare. With its unique simultaneous scanning method, the HP-OCT™ captures a wide area of the eye to deliver highly accurate images and repeatable maps of ocular surfaces.

The Now. Image of OCT Transverse Slice.
The Future. Image of HP-OCT™ 3D scan of eye with cataract.


The Now. Manufactured overseas. Currently, traditional OCTs are designed and manufactured in the U.S, Europe and Asia by large medtech companies.
The Future. Proudly made in Australia. Cylite is proud of its local origins. In 2013, brothers Steve and Grant Frisken embarked upon the journey that would redefine eye imaging forever. In the years since, Cylite has evolved and grown into a thriving business that is successfully taking on the global medtech manufacturing giants. Team of over 75 experts. Headquarters in Melbourne, VIC. Supporting local research, manufacturing and medical partners. Agile R&D approach that is difficult to achieve by larger companies.

Patient Experience

The Now. Limited patient understanding and engagement. Even with a detailed explanation by an eyecare professional, traditional OCT images can sometimes be difficult to understand or relate to for patients. This can make it more difficult to build strong rapport and may reduce clinical adherence.
The Future. Better patient understanding of eye health. By presenting 3D images that are true to life and more relatable, patients are better able to understand what they see. This helps to improve patient education and engagement, with the aim to improve patient outcomes and the overall patient experience.

Equipment Footprint

The Now. One of many instruments. Current ocular diagnostic practice requires the patient to be scanned on multiple instruments to provide the necessary measurements and imaging data. This can include anterior eye imager, corneal topographer, biometer and OCT. Once complete, the results need to be combined and interpreted.
The Future. One device to replace many. HP-OCT™ integrates multiple clinical functionalities into a single space-saving instrument. In fact, it performs the functions of at least four different instruments. Not only does this improve efficiency and workflow, it minimises inconsistencies, reduces equipment footprint, simplifies maintenance and reduces overall costs.

Hyperparallel OCT™ has the potential to support better patient care and health outcomes, as well as support groundbreaking research opportunities. This includes reducing rates of preventable vision loss through earlier diagnosis and treatment.

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