The next generation of OCT for optometry and ophthalmology

By producing true volume 3D images of the eye,
HP-OCT™ assists you to make more informed decisions for your patients with confidence.

See what you’ve never seen before

HP-OCT™ simultaneously images across a wide area of the eye without motion artefacts, producing highly accurate and repeatable elevation and curvature maps, tomographic images and accurate analytics that help clinicians to make more informed decisions.

This unique snapshot imaging technology is particularly well suited to the anterior segment, but also with advantages in the posterior segment.

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Measure with accuracy and confidence

HP-OCT™ allows you to replace multiple clinical instruments with one, saving valuable space, time, and money, and providing you access to more comprehensive and accurate patient data in the one device.

>300,000 a-scans
per second
Full volumetric anterior and posterior imaging
Complete biometry measurements – including axial length
High speed,
high-definition OCT
True 3D
Anterior and posterior
corneal topography
Animation of true 3-D image of an eye captured by HP-OCT®

The Hyperparallel difference

HP-OCT™ utilises some elements of a traditional SD-OCT, with a few important points of difference.

  • Incorporates a micro-lens array to split the 840nm light source into 1008 individual beamlets.
  • Captures multiple ‘snapshot’ frames of 3D volumetric data during the measurement sequence.
  • Each acquisition is parallelised, reducing the dwell time for acquiring data, limiting motion artefacts.
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Made for clinical experts in eye health


Make more informed clinical decisions and improve patient experience.

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Assess disease progression with even greater confidence.

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Unlock new dimensions in research and redefine the future of eye health.

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Cylite focus

Cylite Focus™

The platform set to redefine your user experience.

Designed with a busy clinic in mind, Cylite Focus™ is a web-based platform for storage and review of HP-OCT™ exams and patient information. Focus™ seamlessly integrates with the HP-OCT™ capture software.

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