Hyperparallel OCT ™️ - The 4th generation of OCT


Cylite’s patented Hyperparallel OCT ™️ (HP-OCT ™️) is the 4th generation of OCT and delivers high-speed volumetric imaging at industry leading scan rates of over 300,000 A-Scans/second. This enables accurate, motion-artefact-free measurements of all ocular surfaces, even in the presence of eye movement. Cylite’s 4th generation OCT provides:

  • Accurate anterior and posterior Corneal Topography (sclera to sclera)
  • Optical Biometry (axial length, pachymetry, lens thickness and curvature)
  • Full Anterior Chamber OCT Volumetric Imaging (cornea to posterior lens)
  • High Speed Retinal OCT Volumetric Imaging1
  • High Resolution Corneal Imaging2
  • Fully Automated Capture

Hyperparallel OCT acquisition finally unlocks the ultimate power and precision of OCT for whole-eye measurements and state-of-the-art volume-registered imaging and segmentation.

Cylite Optics

For the Clinician

Replace four different instruments with one versatile instrument.  The fully automated volumetric acquisition reduces patient chair time and improves the reliability of results, ensuring you get all the information you need the first time. Accurate measurement of both anterior and posterior corneal surfaces eliminates the guesswork from IOL selection.

Clinical applications include:

  • IOL and Refractive surgical planning
  • Pre-surgical screening for retinal and corneal conditions
  • Scleral and Corneal RGP contact lens fitting
  • Orthokeratology lens fitting and evaluation
  • Monitoring of axial length progression for myopia control
  • Angle closure glaucoma screening (virtual gonioscopy)

HP-OCT reliably provides all the measurements needed for modern IOL formulas and enables a clear path to fully-analytical refractive prediction through ray tracing and optical simulation. Combining refractive analysis capabilities with clinical assessment of the anterior and posterior segments make this the must-have instrument in any modern practice.

Anterior Curvature Plot

For the Researcher

HP-OCT is the ideal instrument for ophthalmic researchers providing a range of capabilities in a single instrument. The automated acquisition is perfect for large scale studies as it eliminates operator variability and ensures consistent results. Potential research applications include:

  • Presbyopia and lens accommodation studies
  • Longitudinal studies of axial length, retinal shape and myopia progression
  • Volumetric retinal and choroidal research
  • Corneal biomechanics and elastography2,3
  • Tear Film Dynamics2,3

Reproducible quantitative measurements are the foundation of any research program and HP-OCT excels where other approaches struggle, as it ensures the relative registration of every A-Scan on the eye.

Disease progression can now be reliably assessed through volumetric registration over successive measurements. Retinal shape measurement, previously requiring MRI, can be used to monitor eye development and myopia progression.

These are just a few of the exciting capabilities of this innovative technology which is set to transform the field.  Click on the video below to see how the HP-OCT works.

3D Volumetric Images

1 With Optional Retinal Imaging Lens

2 With Optional High-Resolution Imaging Lens

3 Pending Software release 2.0