How Volume Capture Works

True dense 3D volume explained

Conventional OCT systems typically generate a quasi-volume, often referred to as a ‘cube’ of data, by stacking together a number of B-scans. Whilst this may be adequate for reviewing B-scans in the X-axis (horizontal) and often the Y-axis (vertical) directions, it does not enable precision B-scan views in the orthogonal or Z-axis/enface axis.

Cylite’s HP-OCT™, however, is uniquely designed to capture volume data, rather than the point-by-point line-scan (B-scan) data of a typical OCT system. This provides many advantages, particularly in terms of allowing the extraction of arbitrary B-scans throughout the volume in any direction. 

The unique micro-optics technology within the HP-OCT™ captures multiple ‘snapshot’ frames of 3D volumetric data during the measurement sequence. Each frame takes about 3 milliseconds to acquire and Cylite’s Focus™ software then precisely registers each volume relative to the adjacent frames to create a true, dense 3D volume data set.

The HP-OCT™ brings a new dimension in capturing true, dense 3D volume data. Tracking software is not needed.  Your workflow is enhanced as scan times are minimised, enabling you to spend more time with your patients.

Multi-image display from HP-OCT™ above.
1 – True dense 3D volume. Image 2 – Anterior segment B-scan (horizontal solid yellow line in Image 4 shows the volume reference). Image 3 – Z-axis or enface axis B-scan (horizontal yellow line in Image 5 shows the reference), shows an iris cyst at 9 o’clock. Image 6 shows a vertical B-scan along the vertical dotted line in Image 4

HP-OCT™ – Redefine your perspective

  • Insensitive to movement for clinical applications due to ‘snapshot’ capture.
  • Accurate anterior and posterior corneal topography
  • Complete optical biometry
  • Full anterior chamber OCT volumetric imaging
  • High speed retinal OCT volumetric imaging
  • >300,000 A-scans per second

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