The Hyperparallel Difference

Hyperparallel OCT™ or HP-OCT™ is a new ‘snapshot’ imaging technology that redefines whole eye imaging and measurements. It’s particularly well suited to the anterior segment, but also offers significant advantages in the posterior segment.

HP-OCT™’s patented technology is insensitive to eye motion artefacts , making it capable of capturing a wide area of the eye to produce highly accurate volume images and repeatable elevation and curvature maps of the important ocular surfaces which contribute to the eye’s refraction.

HP-OCT™ brings a new level of quantification to the topography of the ocular surfaces as it is not dependent on the tear-film quality (a limitation of keratometry and Placido disc topography) or fixation stability (a limitation of photographic/Scheimpflug based techniques). The HP-OCT™ technology acquires a complete 3D volume, from which biometric information is calculated, such as axial length and lens parameters such as position, curvature and tilt. Volume images are also generated for the assessment of the patient’s cornea, sclera, iridocorneal angle, iris, lens, and fundus.

HP-OCT™ volume data view demonstrating the single shot, wide field of view (16.8mm x 9.6mm) and the
freedom from movement artefacts.

The technology shares some of the key components of a spectral-domain OCT (SD-OCT), but adds a micro-lens array to split the light source into 1,008 individual beamlets. Each of these beamlets are imaged onto the eye and simultaneously measured in a single ‘snapshot’ capture (which we term a frame) containing a complete 3D image of the region of interest.

The HP-OCT™ captures 300 frames per second, each containing 1,008 A-scans, to give an A-scan rate of 302,400 A-scans per second. Although the A-scan rate is very high, the HP-OCT™’s patented simultaneous measurement technique does not impact the dwell time for acquiring data at each point. The signal to noise ratio at each of the beamlets is typically in excess of 100 dB, allowing very high-quality images to be acquired at high acquisition speeds.

HP-OCT™ – Redefine your perspective

  • Insensitive to movement for clinical applications due to ‘snapshot’ capture.
  • Accurate anterior and posterior corneal topography
  • Complete optical biometry
  • Full anterior chamber OCT volumetric imaging
  • High speed retinal OCT volumetric imaging
  • >300,000 A-scans per second

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